Committee to Promote the Candiacy of Anote Tong for the Nobel Peace Prize

President Anote Tong for the Nobel Peace Prize

A committee of prominent individuals drawn from the international community - with diverse commitments to social justice, north-south equity and human rights - has come together to promote the candidacy of Kiribati’s President Anote Tong for the Nobel Peace Prize. In advancing this nomination the Committee seeks both to honour President Tong for his on-going work to draw world attention to the situation of the peoples and cultures most at risk from the effects of climate change, and also to directly contribute to that vital and urgent work.

President Tong was first elected to office in 2003, and is now in his 3rd and final term. Whilst in office he has sought every possible opportunity within the global debate on climate change action, to - alongside the leaders of other impacted nations - articulate the concerns, the perspectives and the need for urgency experienced by 'small island developing states'.

President Tong has demonstrated the worthiness of this Nobel Peace Prize candidature by taking every opportunity to create a new understanding of global warming within industrialised nations - thereby playing a significant and constructive role in meeting the challenges of climate change on the world stage. He has joined with other leaders of small island states to lobby for the United Nations to address climate change as a threat to the security of the world’s people. He has shown himself a builder of peace and reconciliation by continually striving to strengthen cooperation between nations, and by encouraging dialogue at international forums. Most importantly, he is internationally recognised as an advocate on the effects of climate change on the most vulnerable. He is a peace-builder, worthy of international acclamation.


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Media Release
Sydney, AUSTRALIA, Thursday, 19th December 2013
Nobel campaign announced for global action on climate change.

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